FOLDING BONE are Colourful!
  • You won't lose the Folding Bone in a ‘blizzard' of white paper! They are available in three vibrant colours – RED, BLUE and YELLOW.
FOLDING BONE are Functional!
  • Designed to fit conveniently in your hand so your fingers are free to handle the paper.
  • Both edges of the Folding Bone are bevelled making it easier to pick up and immediately ready to use.
  • Folding Bone can fold multiple sheets of paper with a single pass and require less pressure in the process.
FOLDING BONE are Durable!
  • Made from a hard plastic material in three colours.
  • Folding Bone will not break if dropped on the floor.
  • The bevelled edges of Folding Bone will not melt from the friction created in folding. They become smoother, more seasoned with every fold.
Product Information
FOLDING BONE has also been featured in the Calgary Herald. Click HERE to read more.
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